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  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

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  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

    Why not try a Reiki treatment for natural relief

  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

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  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

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  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

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  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

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  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

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  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

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  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

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Sublime Reiki


Need to bring peace and balance to your mind, body, spirit then a Reiki treatment is your answer.   

Reiki is non-intrusive healing where the universal energy is channeled by the therapist making it easier for the receiver to restore their own natural harmony and balance, alleviating many symptoms of illness, stress and anxiety. When you open up to receiving Reiki it will re-balance your energy channels to allow the healing you need.

Reiki Explained.

The therapist's hands will be placed gently on or over areas of the body called “chakras”. There is no manipulation of the body involved or any substances applied during the treatment; allowing Reiki to be given along side other complementary or medical treatments.

Reiki channels the universal energy within us to flow more freely allowing deep relaxation and stress levels to be reduced so harmony is restored to the mind, body and spirit. It enables self-healing to occur and it can alleviate anxiety, diminish feelings of fatigue; aches and pains to dwindle away. Reiki is usually given fully dressed and can be given lying down or seated which ever you prefer.

For extra Comfort and Luxury choose to lay on a warm water cushion. Filled with warm water the cushion shapes to your back providing a lovely support while relaxing tension from the muscles and soft tissue. If requesting this please notify Sublime before arriving for your appointment, so it can be prepared for you

Reiki Effects.

As the therapist places their hands over the chakras allowing the energy to flow through, you will experience warming heat in this area. Rest assured it is not burning and will not do any harm to your skin. Reiki often energizes the receiver and it is possible to become emotional after a Reiki treatment. This can last up to three days but is not long term.

Duration:  30- 60 minutes

Pressure: None - Light


  • I recently had a Lymphatic drainage massage to my legs they felt lighter and softer and less painful after the session. Thanks
  • Jane's Reflexology is wonderful- I feel refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards. My problem areas always feel better. Thank you as ever Jane
  • Recently Jane introduced me to Access Bars®, my immediate reaction was clarity of sight and definition followed by a tolerant calmer ability to accept life and solve daily problems. There is no doubt that I am happier and more contented
  • Regarding her profession as a Qualified Masseuse I have no hesitation in giving Jane 100%+ rating. I have several sessions now and have found the ease of the pain and freedom of movement in my shoulders, upper arms, neck, and
    Vera Tullock
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