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  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

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  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

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  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

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  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

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Sublime Reflexology


Reflexology is well regarded for its holistic powers on the body, it relieves physical pain, balances the emotions and helps with the symptoms of many health conditions. Reflexology bring natural balance between the systems of the body.

Since Egyptian times, Reflexology has been used to stimulate reflex points on the hands and feet. Each point relates to an organ, gland or to a part of the skeleton.

Sublime is registered with the CNHC, Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council for Reflexology, CHNC registration is recognised for reimbursement with a number of private health cash plan providers(please check your plan)

Reflexology Explained.

Reflexology can be given to the feet or to the hands using various techniques each having its own purpose and effect on the body. The lower leg or arm will be massaged and stretched to increase the blood flow and encourage lymphatic drainage of waste, thus improving skin tone and soothing the nerve endings. The therapist applies firm pressure using their thumbs and fingers in a continuous fluid movement over each reflex zone. At times they will pivot on an area to apply extra pressure to stimulate and improve the energy flow which encourages the body to establish its own equilibrium.

You will remain fully dressed but, if wearing trousers, these are to be rolled up to the knee or removed if necessary to avoid creasing. No nail varnish on the toes nails should be worn as this prohibits the assessment and monitoring during treatment.  


For extra Comfort and Luxury choose to lay on a warm water cushion. Filled with warm water the cushion shapes to your back providing a lovely support while relaxing tension from the muscles and soft tissue. If requesting this please notify Sublime before arriving for your appointment, so it can be prepared for you

Reflexology Effects.

With over 7000 nerve endings in the foot and lower leg Reflexology promotes natural deep relaxation, which has great health benefits since approximately 75% of diseases are stress related.

Reflexology also provides relief from physical pain and facilitates emotional balance for the person.

A common effect of prolonged fatigue and a general imbalance of our body is stiffness and aches Reflexology allows fresh blood to reach and nourish the tissues and stimulates the removal of waste products reducing these symptoms, by relieving the body's tension and the site where the pain started may be found.    

Organs and glands of the body are also stimulated through a Reflexology treatment, promoting the whole body’s harmony and well-being.

Duration: 45-60 minutes  

Pressure: Light -Medium


  • I recently had a Lymphatic drainage massage to my legs they felt lighter and softer and less painful after the session. Thanks
  • Jane's Reflexology is wonderful- I feel refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards. My problem areas always feel better. Thank you as ever Jane
  • Recently Jane introduced me to Access Bars®, my immediate reaction was clarity of sight and definition followed by a tolerant calmer ability to accept life and solve daily problems. There is no doubt that I am happier and more contented
  • Regarding her profession as a Qualified Masseuse I have no hesitation in giving Jane 100%+ rating. I have several sessions now and have found the ease of the pain and freedom of movement in my shoulders, upper arms, neck, and
    Vera Tullock
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