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Sublime Hot & Cold Stone Massage

Hot & Cold Stone Massage

The power of Hot & Cold Stone massage to warm, ease and relax muscle and soft tissue provides effective relief from tension, aches and pains.d 

Stones have been used for their healing and protective powers throughout Ancient India, China and by the  North American Indians. The practice of using heated stones to relieve menstruation pain and cold stones to stem the blood flow after giving birth continues today.

Hot & Cold Stone Massage Explained 

Using stones of various sizes the therapist will place some under or on top of the body in different positions to warm up and relax muscles and soft tissue. (Always with fabric between the larger stones and the body). Holding a large Hot Basalt Stone in each hand the therapist uses long strokes to glide over the body. Smaller stones and a variety of strokes with Cold Marble Stones which has a soothing effect on the body. Cold stones are particularly good for toning facial muscles. The therapist will rotate the stones in their hands and change them for fresh stones throughout the treatment ensuring that heat exchanges evenly from stone to body and vice versa.

Due to the effectiveness of Hot and Cold Stone Massage a treatment does not exceed 60 minutes.  

 When requesting Hot & Cold Massage please notify Sublime of your massage choice before arriving for your appointment, so it can be prepared for you.

Water cushion is not suitable for Hot & Cold Stone Massage.


Hot & Cold Stone Massage Effects 

 Hot Stone Massage warms the skin stimulating the absorption of oil therefore more massage oil is used. As the heat penetrates into muscular and soft tissue fibers a deeper massage can be given. It is said that one stroke of a Hot Stone is equivalent to 5-10 strokes by the hand.

Hot Stone Massage improves the circulation to the local area and it may help to decrease blood pressure, fatigue and tension , improved heart rate and metabolic circulation. Enchances  transfer of toxins away from the local area into the blood and lymphatic system for removal from the body are also benefits.   

Hot Stones Massage is a powerful vascular dilator and therefore reduces inflammation. It also has a sedative effect and is excellent at reducing pain, stiffness and muscle spasms. Hot and Cold stones work well together particularly for muscle spasms and soreness as heat is reduced from the area. Injuries cannot be treated within the first 48 hours.



As well as those for conventional massage these are particular to Hot and Cold Stone Massage:

Nerve damage.

Nerve Inflammation.


Multiple Sclerosis. 

Diabetes and the elderly, due to thinner skin but cooler stones can be used. 

High blood pressure due to increased risk of blood clots.

Pregnancy all stages.

Heart disease and other heart conditions. Sudden changes in temperature can cause cardiac arrhythmia. 

Immune suppressed conditions including immune dysfunction and chronic fatigue syndrome.