• Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

    Treat yourself with one of my massages

  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

    Do you have a hectic lifestyle and need to unwind?

  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

    Why not try a Reiki treatment for natural relief

  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

    Prove to yourself the natural benefits of Reflexology

  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

    Do you have mobility problems? Then seated massage is the answer

  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

    Ease your aches and pains with a tailored massage.

  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

    Are you looking for a quality massage

  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

    Looking to treat someone? A gift voucher is the answer

  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

    Need to relax from the stresses of everyday life?

  • Sublime Massages by Jane Bungay Shrewsbury

    Is space an issue? Seated massage is the solution.

Sublime Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage Effects. Holistic massage involves the manipulation of the body's soft tissue, which improves muscle tone and alleviates any Read More
Sublime Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports Massage Effects. Deep manipulation and stimulation of muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia,and the skin will enhance the physical, physiological and Read More
Sublime Lymphatic Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The Effects. The slow, gentle rhythmic movements of this simple Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage have a powerful cleansing and pain relieving Read More
Sublime Colon Massage

Colon and Deep Organ Massage

The Effects. Enables the Colon to detoxify and strengthens abdominal muscles giving relief from Bloating, Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Read More
Sublime Natural Facelift Massag

Natural Facelift Massage

The Effects. Incorporating Japanese Facial Massage, Acupressure and Reflexology this massage reduces tension and toxins in the face that cause Read More
Sublime Seated Massage

Seated Massage

 Seated Massage Explained. The versatility of seated massage is also well suited for Wheelchair useres as well as at the Read More
Sublime Reflexology


 Reflexology Reflexology is well regarded for its holistic powers on the body, it relieves physical pain, balances the emotions and Read More
Sublime Reiki


 Reiki Reiki is non-intrusive healing where the universal energy is channelled by the therapist making it easier for the receiver Read More

Healthy Eating

 Healthy Eating I am not a nutritionist but I can provide guidance in healthy eating to help you realise your Read More
Sublime Hot & Cold Stone Massage

Hot & Cold Stone Massage

Hot & Cold Stone Massage Stones have been used for their healing and protective powers throughout Ancient India, China and Read More
Sublime Bars in Shrewsbury

Access Bars ®

Access Bars ® Bars are 32 points on the head which are used  as a tool to help empower more Read More

Jane Bungay - ITEC Qualified

  About Jane I have worked as a therapist since 2006, and I have witnessed the powerful benefits of touch Read More
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Sublime Massage Range 

Having headaches? after a back and shoulder massage many have experienced headaches reduce or cease.

I offer a variety of massage therapies for you, whether it is a Sports Massage for an aggravated injury, or a Manual  Lymphatic Drainage Massage to help the cleansing of metabolic waste. You may choose a Holistic Massage to relax, a Colonand Deep Organ Massage to improve digestion or a Natural Face Lift to soothe those lines away.Maybe a Hot & Cold Stone Massage to relieve muscle spasms and sorness. If you are a wheelchair user or space is limted then the versatitilty of Seated Massage is ideal.

Suffering with whiplash ,injury, sprain or tightness in the muscles and soft tissue? Then a simple Sports Massage will ease the symptoms and improve movement. 

Physical activity can cause strain within the muscles and soft tissues. While the body is recovering from this strain, other areas compensate resulting in large areas of the body aching and becoming inflexible. Manipulation of muscles and soft tissues stimulates them to heal and the risk of further injury is reduced.

If you are troubled with anxiety, stress a Sublime treatment will allow you to escape and discover relaxation and inner harmony. 

The effect of receiving a massage is that, by restoring the body’s own harmony and clearing imbalances, it leaves you feeling relaxed and at peace. Allow yourself to discover the freedom and balance within your own body through having a massage. 

Massage is given by the therapist using their palms, fingers, thumbs, knuckles, forearms and elbows. The Therapist intragrates Simple Hands Free techinques of the arms and elbows with traditional massage movements increasing the possible combination of strokes and pressure used throughout the treatment and preventing the therapist hands becoming over worked or injuired.

You will be able to choose from a range of massage oils  which will be used for your treatment, based on your skin type, preference etc. 

You will be asked to undress to your underwear. Towels will be used to maintain your modesty throughout the course of the treatment.  

 For extra comfort and luxury to your Massage treatment (Hot and Cold Stone Massage and Sports Massage excepted) you can choose to lay on a water cushion. This will mean that there is no rolling over over during the treatment as the back can be massage from underneath. Filled with warm water the cushion shapes to your back providing a lovely support while relaxing tension from the muscles and soft tissuse. Please note if requesting this please notify before arriving for your appointment, so it can be prepared or you.  

The length of time that a massage takes depends on the  massage therapies chosen and area that will be treated. 

Sublime is registed the CNHC, Complementary & Naturural Healthcare Council for Massage Therapy (not Sports Massage), CHNC regisgistration is recegonised for reimursement with a number of private health cash plan providers(please check your plan)

Sublime also provides Reflexology, Reiki & Access Bars® treatments 


Feeling out of sorts? Reflexology brings natural balance between the systems of the body. 

Reflexology is traditionally given by massaging  and applying pressure to areas of the feet and hands. Different zones of the foot or hand correspond to various part of the body so facilitating relief from physical pain, reducing symptoms of many health conditions and emotional re-balancing.   

The lower leg or arm will be massaged and stretched to increase the blood flow and encourage lymphatic drainage of waste, improving skin tone and soothing the nerve endings. The therapist applies firm pressure using their thumbs and fingers in a continuous fluid movement over each reflex zone. At times they will pivot on an area to apply extra pressure to stimulate and improve the energy flow which encourages the body to establish its own equilibrium.

Reflexology promotes natural deep relaxation which has great health benefits since approximately 75% of diseases are stress related.

You will remain fully dressed, but if wearing trousers these are to be rolled up to the knee or removed if necessary to avoid creasing.

Sublime is registed the CNHC, Complementary & Naturural Healthcare Council for Reflexology, CHNC regisgistration is recegonised for reimursement with a number of private health cash plan providers(please check your plan)


Need to bring peace and balance to your mind, body and spirit then a Reiki treatment is your answer. 

Reiki is non-intrusive healing where the universal energy is channeled by the therapist enabling the receiver to restore their own natural harmony and balance, alleviating many symptoms of illness, stress and anxiety. When you open up to receiving Reiki it will re-balance your energy channels to allow the healing you need.

Reiki channels the universal energy within us to flow more freely allowing deep relaxation and stress levels to be reduced so harmony is restored to the mind, body and spirit. It enables self-healing to occur and it can alleviate anxiety and diminish feelings of fatigue. Aches and pains to dwindle away.

The therapist's hands will be placed gently on or over areas of the body, with no manipulation or substances applied during the treatment allowing Reiki to be given with the client  fully-dressed either lying down or seated.

Access Bars® 

Want help to enpower yourself to bring change and more possibilties into your life? 

The Therapist lightly places their palms and finger tips on the head, to stimulate 32point to dissipate the electrical charge of polarity thats stored in the brain. Allowing you to become more present in life, leaving the past behind to build a brighter future for yourself. Having a Bars treatment before exams or interviews is very benifical, as Stress is soothed away allowing you to be more focuced.

 Sublime can advise on Healthy Eating 

Designed to help you maintain your own nutritional needs through your own diet and lifestyle, allowing your body to function as well as is possible. Our diet contributes to our whole well-being giving us high levels of energy, emotional balance and a sharp mind, along with resilience to infections.

The long term effects of a poor diet and nutrition are numerous diseases, 90% of cancers are said to be diet related.

Let me support you to achieve your optimal well-being. 



  • Recently Jane introduced me to Access Bars®, my immediate reaction was clarity of sight and definition followed by a tolerant calmer ability to accept life and solve daily problems. There is no doubt that I am happier and more contented
  • Regarding her profession as a Qualified Masseuse I have no hesitation in giving Jane 100%+ rating. I have several sessions now and have found the ease of the pain and freedom of movement in my shoulders, upper arms, neck, and
    Vera Tullock
  • As a national standard tennis player I was suffering from various related injuries. Since seeing Jane for Sports massage and expert advice on injury prevention I am finishing tournaments in better shape and results have improved dramatically .
  • I can not speak highly enough of her dedication ,friendliness and expertise.
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